Sunday, November 06, 2022

He Never Promised you a Rose Garden....

 It's hard today to go to bed after reviewing the daily news events to see a path of joy and happiness. We have the elections approaching and we have hope that our votes will change the course we're headed on as it seems our mother church is slowly heading towards the rocks. It seems more and more Catholics are not afraid to place their faith on the back burner.

As I look over my Tuesday California pre-ballot at some of the propositions and measures, I'm disturbed that I have to vote on preventing the destruction of the life of an infant up to the babies birthday, as proposed in Proposition 1. (VOTE NO On Prop #1)

I also look at the various elections in the nation of candidates that want to continue to steer us down the road of perdition. When I fall asleep at night I remind myself to say the last prayer of the evening, a deliverance prayer to petition Our Lord to stay his wrath, and save us from the evil forces around us.  I look at my grandchildren and wonder what the world will look like as they start their families in the future, how they will hand down their faith, how will they keep their own families course to run the good fight and achieve their heavenly reward.

I fear that though the time today may seem hard, we ain't seen anything yet.

But I still believe our hope and final outcome is already written and we will come out triumphant.  We know the end of the story, the church wins! the Glory of God will bring his faithful home.

Those that think that we will be carried away to avoid the persecution don't understand what scripture says about fighting the good fight (2Tim 4:7) Why does one need to fight if we will be taken away from the fight? God didn't say we will be at peace with everyone. Just let everyone do their own thing and don't judge them. Go along to get along (Lk 12:53). 

Kind of reminds me of an old tune by Lynn Anderson, "I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden..." on earth that is.

We need to persevere, to voice our opposition to what is wrong (with charity and love, of course), and to stand firm in our faith. 

The rose garden comes later and its forever!

Just some random thoughts Ive been having of late. I'll leave you with this short video with

Dr. Peter Kreeft. Let's keep the faith, and continue a strong prayer life, receive the sacraments frequently and most of all trust in the Lord.


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