Sunday, October 23, 2022

 Midterm Elections 2022

President Biden a self proclaimed Catholic is doubling down on his support for abortion.

He, along with Nancy Pelosi, also self proclaimed Catholic have plans after the Midterm elections. Should they retain the House and Senate, they will go to work on passing a law to nationally support abortion, up to birth despite the Supreme Courts ruling to overturn Wade v. Roe. This decision does not prohibit abortion as the media would have you believe, but simply returning to the states the decision on this matter.

Here in California, we have Proposition 1 on the ballot, which is an attempt to write abortion into the states constitution. Late-term abortions at tax payer expend at any time. This state will be a baby killing state.

Absolutely appalling.

Please, fellow Catholics we have many issues that we are faced with this election cycle. Inflation, Crime, Immigration all of which I myself will be addressing to correct on my ballot. But please don't forget the unborn, our future and hope.

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