Monday, November 02, 2009

U.S. Bishop's Finally Unite with One Voice

This Sunday's bulletin at my parish included an insert for the U.S. Bishops on their stance on the proposed health care bill.

An insert... and that's all the attention it was given. I don't know if the intent of the diocese was to have it read out loud during the homily. This would have been a good idea considering that it's message was a surprising one to say the least.

A unified voice coming from our shepherds, recognizing that the health care bill in empty if it doesn't provide for all peoples, including the UNBORN. Without this provision written in the bill, the bishops say we SHOULDN'T SUPPORT IT'S PASSAGE.

Our good Deacon brought attention to the Bishop's insert at the end of mass, but I don't' think he even read it. He announced it as a bishop's review and support for the health care bill. Completely the opposite message in contains.

Not good....

Another wasted opportunity to teach the congregation on the church's stance on abortion and how the current health care bill is the wrong approach.

Now some will argue that this message from the bishops is too little too late, and that may be so, but we wasted even this tidbit on an important church calendar day, 'All Souls Day'.
Anyway, here's the letter encase you dropped yours on the way out of the church on Sunday.

The Full-Court Press
So what happened in your church this past weekend? Was there an insert in the parish bulletin from the US bishops' conference, urging you to call your Congressman and encourage opposition to abortion funding in the health-care reform bill? Did the priest mention the matter? Was there any literature about it in the vestibule? MORE


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