Monday, November 16, 2009

Blessed Mother Theresa: Atheist Can't Stand Her

John Bergsma of Sacred Pages reflects on the attacks by atheist on our Blessed Mother Theresa.

"She was only good because she was In-It of something..." goes the argument.

Atheist Heap Abuse on Mother Theresa: Scriptural and Theological Reflections:
Altruism is difficult for atheists to explain within their worldview. This can be seen in their reaction to the modern icon of altruism, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.The famous sociobiologist E. O. Wilson argued that goodness was the result of “lying, pretense, and deceit, including self-deceit, because the actor is most convincing who believes that his performance is real.” He attributed Blessed Teresa’s altruism to self-interest. She was just “in it” just to get to heaven: “Mother Teresa is an extraordinary person but it should not be forgotten that she is secure in the service of Christ and the knowledge of her Church’s immortality.”

Bashing Mother Theresa


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