Tuesday, November 17, 2009

President Obama Or Bazooka Joe?

Ever listen to one of Obama's many speeches (they're hard to avoid, he's on TV or radio almost every day).

More than not he says something that sounds good as he's saying it, but when I think about it I get that "Hey wait a minute! What the heck does that mean?" moments.

Only I don't have time to think further about it because another "Hey wait a minute..." moment has just been spoken.

This article from American Thinker addresses a few of those statements or cliches with a little 'Bazooka Joe' analogy.

Debating Obama's Health Care Cliches
When I was a little girl we would often purchase Bazooka® bubblegum. The gum wrapper consisted of a small comic strip (featuring a character called Bazooka Joe) and a fortune. The fortune was usually along the lines of "A great adventure awaits you." Occasionally the fortune would be a cliché, such as "haste makes waste."

As I listened to the Congressional Democrats recite their arguments for the Pelosi health care bill I was reminded of those Bazooka gum wrappers. Their speeches consisted of trite phrases devoid of any depth or intelligence, the words selected only for their emotional impact. Arguments that sound so compelling---as long as no measurable time is spent thinking about it. Here follows three gum wrapper arguments for health care reform made by the Democrats. There are many, many more.

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