Thursday, November 12, 2009

December Job Summit

I don't know about this. Obama says he's going to have a job summit. By this I think he means to meet with top CEO's and small business owners, (the same people he's taxing and cutting their wages) to talk about creating jobs.

Now how is that going to work out? Is he going to sit at the table and strong arm each one to see "okay, how many new jobs can you pony-up. And how about you? How many layoffs can you cancel, forget about profits?"

How about just cutting taxes? You don't need to sit around the table with a few beers to discuss job creation. We know how to do that. I bet you these will be closed door meetings so we won't know what deals are being made.

Companies will hire and fire according to the health of the economy, not some meeting with the President.

Obama's a good talker, but we don't need orators right now, we need jobs. Let the free market work us free of this down turn.

Obama to Hold Jobs Summit in December
In the face of a 10.2 percent unemployment rate -- the highest since 1983 -- President Obama announced Thursday plans for a jobs summit in December.
Obama said he will invite CEOs, small business owners, economists, and representatives from labor unions around the country to the White House next month to "work together to create jobs."

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