Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day - Thank you

"Thank You" should be the phrase most used today, Veteran's Day.

I remember my wife and I celebrating an anniversary with an Alaskan Cruise. While on the trip we were seated for dinner with a group of travelers, one of which was a veteran of D-Day. This gentleman was in his nineties and didn't say very much. His daughter, I believe gave us his background, letting us know he had survived the Normandy Beach landing.

My wife and I thanked him for his service and we all enjoyed dinner together.

For my wife and I, it was indeed a great honor to share a meal with the great Veteran. And so to all Veteran's from all ages I say thank you for your service.

As an American Catholic say God Bless, my He keep you safe and guide you where ever you go.

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