Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CCHD - What Should You Do?

We have seen that the American people may be finally holding their elected officials accountable for their actions or inaction.

You have the tea party protesters, the fight against the notorious health care bill and hopefully a continued fight against the forces of Abortion, gay marriage, termination of our elderly and the end of pornography.

Well now it's time to be consistant and find out what our own beloved Church, through those that have evil intent, has been steering Jesus' bride.

It's time to shed the light on where the funds are being spent on by the CCHD organizers.

This Sunday we will be asked to contribute to this fund. It's suppose to be spent on the poor, less fortunate. But somehow the moneys have been diverted to causes which go against Catholic teaching as those listed above.

Why? How can this be happening? Should I contribute?

These are questions that I've been praying about. How will it affect those Catholic Charities that are legit?

How can I send a message?

Here are a few video's that need to been seen. Pray about it. But it's time to be consistent and hold those accountable.

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