Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ex-CNN Lou Dobbs - A New Foxnews Analyist?

This is the first thought that entered my mind. It seemed for a while that his voice over at CNN was like that single wolf howling in the night. In CNN land, they try to ignore it but it just won't go away.

And, so that the journalism of CNN can continue to sleep through the legit news items of the day, they've felt that they must silence the lone wolf. To send him on his way...

In this farewell address he mentions this:

It seems that CNN is doing some house cleaning. Journalistic ethnic cleansing so to speak.

Well, like Glenn Beck (a product of 'jounalistic ethnic cleansing' himself), whose ratings and viewership have sky rocketed since his move from CNN, maybe Lou will find a home at Foxnews?

We shall see...

Has Lou Dobbs been forced out at CNN by the left-wing attack machine and other liberal forces? Quite possibly.

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