Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Man Can Do No Wrong

Wow, this man can do no wrong. It's very interesting reading/hearing about the actions and reactions of our President Barak Obama.

What a complete 180 degree turn around compared to the coverage of President Bush's administration. At that point Bush could do no right. Now it's the exact opposite.

It's very interesting to see. Case in point, Mark Steyn dissects some of this 'can-do-no-wrong' phenomena concerning the events in Iran.


Kathryn, what's striking about the Bystander-in-Chief is that the more he does nothing, the more credit he gets for everything. In the New York Times, Helene Cooper attributes events in Iran to the Obama "stealth effect." The fellows in the street shouting "Death to the dictator!" were apparently inspired to rise up by Obama's outreach to the, er, dictator:

He directed his comments not just to the Iranian people but to Iran’s leaders, and referred to Iran as “the Islamic Republic,” further flagging a willingness to deal with the clerical government. He even went so far as to quote from the vaunted Persian poet Saadi, dead for 700 years now.

So the people's demonstrations against the leaders are a direct result of Obama's willingness to do business with the leaders. Gotcha. What's more, this Moussavi learned everything he knows from Barack:

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