Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ABC NBC CBS News - Just another SITCOM

I'm still kind of P.O.'d about the steady decline of how the news is fed to us by these network news channels.

Yesterday ABC came out of the closet and today they are adamant about the soundness of their decision to televise from the White House. Even when admitting that they will select the people and questions who will highlight the show. Nothing like being fair and balanced.

While ABC plans to go ahead with their info commercial on health care, I didn't fully realize that the other news channels have all had their turn dancing with the White House. For example if you remember the full day coverage of the inauguration day festivities, with the prime time news channels shivering in the cold talking ALL DAY LONG.

Anyway, I hope that the people realize what kind of dilemma we are in and take precautions. Check the facts that these news agencies (and all others as well) are spewing out. Do your research if something doesn't sound kosher. Be pro-active in the information that you gather.

Here's another article on the 'fall of objective jounalism'.

ABC You Later

With their decision to broadcast a primetime special that will highlight the Democrats' relentless pursuit towards government-ran health care and exclude the views of those whom oppose their effort, ABC has signaled they no longer believe in the concept of press independence and the public's right to choose.

Once upon a time the press wasn't simply an advocate for a particular brand of politics, it was their responsibility to be a watchdog of our government and report the facts and subsequently the general public could weigh those facts and form some sort of opinion.
In the Age of Obama, that idea is as foreign as the Votian language.


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