Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hope, Nope, Broke

Poll: 6 in 10 Americans approve of Obams's overall job performance, fewer than half say they approve of how he is handling the deficit and controlling federal spending.

These poll results often leave me confused. We are spending our way out of debt... which totally confuses me.

We did our family budget the other weekend and not once did I consider that financial method of madness.

"Honey, let's spend more to get out of debt"

No... we didn't even consider it. So why does our nation run down this path and 6 out of 10 still think things are honky-dorey? Only half are now starting to figure it out that the water level of national debt now at the eye-brow line.

And hold on to your snorkel gear folks but we're about to spend an additional 3 TRILLION MORE.

American Catholic has a dandy post on the subject.
You mean running up Trillions in New Debt May not be Good Politics?

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