Tuesday, May 05, 2009

He's Back! - Fr John Corapi

He's been away from the public forum for awhile now. Most of us have resorted to his tapes, DVD's, and his EWTN series.

But now after a lengthy and well needed break, he is speaking in Buffalo , New York of all places in August of this year.

Here's a short interview. While reading it I can actually here his deep baritone voice.

Good to have you back Father. You bet I'll be visiting his website to see if he's available to speak at our parish.

Popular Preacher Returns

Father Corapi Ready To Hit the Road Again

Father John Corapi gets on a phone in his Montana office and asks someone to boost the volume. The assistant who helped arrange an interview with him had warned about this. “Speak loudly,” she said, “he’s hard of hearing.”

Father Corapi himself has never been hard to hear. For nearly two decades, his thundering voice has preached the Gospel with a forceful, meat-and-potatoes theology that’s made him among the most recognizable priests in the world.

But since August 2007, that voice has been relatively silent. At first, that was by choice — having traveled more than 2 million miles spreading the good news, Father Corapi quit public speaking to focus on writings and recordings. But just one week into that hiatus, a mysterious sickness began to ravage his body and left him mostly bedridden.

He’s recovering now and has headed back to the speaking circuit.


  1. I saw him interviewed on a new episode of EWTN Live w/ Fr. Pacwa a number of weeks ago. Looks like he's loaded for bear. Glad that he's back!

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