Saturday, May 02, 2009

History, a thing of the past - Jon Stewart history lesson

You know, sometimes from talking with people it seems that they believe anything that they hear from TV Celebrities.

Either from the likes of your typical movies stars turned news commentators or maybe a favorite comedian let say. The other day I learned that Myli Cyrus and Brittney Spears think that Miss California contestant was totally wrong in giving an honest answer to the question posed to her on gay marriages and she shouldn't have won based on that answer.

Well okay then, if it's good enough for Hannah Montana, a 16 year old who's life is just beginning well then it's good enough for me by golly.

What errks me even more than these follies is when I hear history being re-written to coincide with a particular stance be it political or even religious (Angels and Demons comes to mind) or for anything else for that matter.

Case in point, Jon Stewart is a fav for many to watch. His raw comedic talent is appealing to many and I myself enjoy a good laugh that his talents generate from time to time.

However Mr. Stewart, talented though he is, is not a very good historian.

Mr. Stewart's comments calling Harry Truman a war criminal for dropping the A-Bomb, not once but twice, is something that needs to be corrected. He uses this aligation to support his thoughts on 'torture', a hot button topic of today.

While Mr. Stewart is applauded when he calls others on their hypocrisy Jon has to face his own music as well.

PajamaTV Afterburner host Bill Whittle does some excellent fact checking and calls Jon Stewart onto the truthful history carpet.

Will Jon own up to the facts and correct himself...we shall see.

Jon Stewart, War Criminals & The True Story of the Atomic Bombs

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