Friday, May 15, 2009

Advanced Technology - China Launch

I'm posting on this because not just to note the technological advancement of China but mostly on a photo which accompanied the article.

(China's Launch article)

In the lower right corner of the picture you will see what appears to be people in a boat observing the launch of an advanced sea ballistic missile from a submarine.

Front row seats to show China's new found strength, however what perplexes me is along with the close view of the missile exiting the ocean waters, are they aware what comes next?

A plume of extremely hot, extremely toxic gases from the firing of the main missile engines. At this close proximity escaping this would be futile.

Advanced are they? ...well about as advanced as showing the world that they can blow up a satellite as spread debris to orbit the globe and endanger the space station and manned vehicles in earth orbit as seen this week when the shuttle astronaut's observed debris from a blown up China Sat.

Not too smart.

Having these advanced weapons of destruction doesn't make the nation that holds them advanced. In the case of Iran, a nation whose religious beliefs for some extremist, justifies blowing one's self up to kill anyone around or the voiced intent to destroy Israel.

Iran having a nuclear weapon scares the beegeeebeees out of me.

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