Tuesday, May 19, 2009

51% Identify themselves as 'Pro-life'

This was touted in this weekends news as a giant earth shattering milestone of sorts.
51% of Americans describe themselves as 'Pro-Life'.

51% Identify as 'Pro-live' IN U.S.

Maybe it's just the skeptic in me, though I usually try to see the silver lining in the dark clouds, but I don't consider it that earth shattering.

Forgive me for saying this, but those YES, I'M PRO-LIFE votes seem to me as only 'Lip Service'.

Geezz. what would cause me to say such a thing? After all those are encouraging numbers. Pro-lifers out number the Pro-choice'ers after all.

Well, I spent a few days thinking about this 51% earth shattering news and I kept thinking "that's only 1% greater than half the nation. Clearly 49% are still self described pro-choice. Is that a good thing? Just under (by a hair) half of this blessed nation is for abortion?

I'm thinking ONLY 51% percent is pro-life?

Hmmm.... how many of those are Catholic? All of them?

I thought of the masses at Notre Dame applauding President Obama and chanting " Yes we can, yes we can", the all familiar Obama campaign slogan. I thought, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that most of those in attendance would claim to be pro-life, yet there they were yes-we-can-ing.

Maybe it's those Obama stickers on the bumpers of the car's in my churches parking lot that has me pondering.

This even though everyone knows the clear path on abortion this administration is on.

Lip Service.

1.1 Billion Catholics in the world, over 65 million in the United States. Yet what administration is in office with 54% of the Catholic vote.

"But this administration's policies are more in line with Catholic teaching... if you put aside the abortion thing" is the claim that I've heard.

Is Catholic Social Teaching Inherently Liberal?

The prayer vigil/alternate commencement service out side the main hall was barely covered at all and then only because the news wanted to see how fanatically violent those right-wing catholics can be. How disappointed they were. A mere 25 or so students out of the hundreds were present with their families along with maybe 1000 others united in prayer.

Students inside decided to wear 'building mock-ups' on there grad-cap's instead of the 'cross & babies feet' to show their support.

Still those outside chose to bear witness.

To Bear Witness to the Truth: An Unequivocal Moral Obligation for All Christians

It almost seems like we're are a church divided.

A House Divided

Even the Vatican Newspaper is confused.

Vatican Newspaper Praises, Criticizes Obama in Two Separate Stories

While I'm disappointed in the state of things right now, and while it seems that the 'Catholic-in-name' celebrates, government officials, professors have the podium at the moment...

Carla Bruni Criticises Pope Benedict XVI

... their call for the church to change isn't going to happen. With Pentecost fast approaching, we should be reminded of the beginnings of the church. We see the same chaos happening with the heretics of the early church pulling the faithful away from the true teachings of Christ.

The church survived ... and grew. (through much sacrafice and prayer I might add)

Throughout the churches history through the Reformation of the 16th century, through whatever turmoil, the church has survived and grew. We know the promise of our Lord, that the church is safe with him and to those that will follow the true teachings of the church.

We have a true leader in the church with Pope Benedict XVI. He has been trounced in the news and by those holding the podium of late.

B16 once said:

"An Adult faith does not follow the Waves of Fashion and the Latest Novelties."

How true.

This Sunday (May 24) is Ascension Sunday where Christ promises the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Sunday after that (May 31) is Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Catholic Church. Through the promise of Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit we Christians will overcome any obstacle. We will survive and grow strong. Stay true to the teachings of the church.

Pay no heed to those that say 'the church must change'.

Learn your faith, live your faith. Pick up the scriptures and read. Join a bible study group at your parish, men's group, women's group. Receive the Sacraments (including confession) regularly.

Take courage and take the challenge to 'be the light in the world'. (and I look in the mirror myself)

Don't just pay 'lip service'.

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