Wednesday, May 06, 2009

NOPE: Obama No-Show on National Prayer Day

Thursday, May 7th is National Prayer day. A time honored day enacted by Congress in 1952, a time for all faiths to come together in joint prayer.

I know in my neighborhood the local churches (of various faiths, Christian, Mormon, Buddhist, etc..) gather together with city officials for a joint prayer ceremony and the city celebrates with honoring the day.

At the White House a similar gathering takes place, except this year of course.

President Obama has better things to do. What an example for his children and for the Nation.

This really strikes me as odd. For an individual (Mr. Obama) who places so much emphasis on 'leadership' to take this stance for no prayer day attendance, well this is a strange way to show leadership.

This unfortunately just enforces in my own mind where Mr. Obama was going when he proclaimed that " we are not a Christian nation...". With his selected cabinet making decisions against the life of the unborn this is just another road marker down a road thats becoming quite evident. No Faith.

And this morning I heard that another government DHS report is out about those "Pro-Life extremist".

DHS Definition of Pro Life: "A movement of groups or individuals who are virulently antiabortion and advocate violence against providers of abortion-related services, their employees and their facilities. Some cite various racist and anti-Semitic beliefs to justify their criminal activities. "

What errks me even more is the Gallup Poll (Gallup Poll: More Than Two Thirds of Catholics Approve of Obama) which shows more Catholics back the leadership of Obama. What does that mean.

So... prayer day for President Obama is a big fat NOPE.

We had an White House Easter Egg hunt though......

Obama to be prayer day no-show

President Obama is distancing himself from the National Day of Prayer by nixing a formal early morning service and not attending a large Catholic prayer breakfast the next morning.

All Mr. Obama will do for the National Day of Prayer, which is Thursday, is sign a proclamation honoring the day, which originated in 1952 when Congress set aside the first Thursday in May for the observance.


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