Friday, May 01, 2009

Angels and Demons - 'Mwu-ahahah...'

Andrew Leigh writes this analysis of the Ron Howard/Dan Brown book to movie "Angels and Demons" due out this month.

He goes through the age old arguments, "It's just entertainment", " Don't knock if if you haven't seen it yet", "It's fact mixed in with a story of fiction"

Excellent, enjoy the read.

CAUTION: The article has a movie spoiler, however it's probably best to go over these finer point of the movie (aka book) before you pay your $10.00 to see it.

Ron Howard's 'Demon' Defense Doesn't Hold Water
Here’s an understatement for you: Not everybody likes William Donohue. Whereas some admire him as a passionate defender of the faith, others view him as a hectoring, self-righteous censor, with a tendency to get red-faced and a bit shouty when locking horns on one of the ubiquitous news talk shows.
Howard, of course, is always calm and collected. Besides, he’s Opie; and who doesn’t like Opie? So I enter this fray with the greatest trepidation, fully expecting to regret every minute of it.


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