Saturday, January 21, 2012

The 54 Chino Hills Babies

This morning I spent time at a special mass to  remember the 54 aborted babies  found in an empty field in Chino Hills back in 1997. Every year we in Chino Hills and the surrounding churches both Catholic and Protestant come together to celebrate life through the tragic deaths of these innocent lives.

There were multiple church services in the communities. The Catholic service I attended at St Paul the Catholic Church had a beautiful service. I was honored to represent one of the 54 children who were each given a name. The name given to the baby I represented is 'Joshua Promise'.

I remember the day that the babies were found. A call went out to the church community and the community as a whole, that a group a young boys were playing in a field in Chino Hills when they came across scattered boxes. Being curious children they opened one of the boxes only to find what they didn't expect .... the bodies of aborted babies. They ran home to tell their parents what they found. The parents alerted the authorities and the word spread.

I remember arriving to the site of the find. The babies themselves were already in the possession of the authorities. As the community gathered for prayer, the local media began to show up. I remember standing right next to a couple of the media. A young man and a young woman. I don't recall what part of the media they represented but I do recall what they conversed about.

The young gentleman reporter was heralding to the young attractive woman reporter how "he too was Catholic...just not that Catholic". They both laughed together.

He obviously didn't want to be associated with us wackos who came together in prayer for the aborted babies.

That phrase hit a nerve with me then and it does now. "I'm Catholic too...just not that Catholic"

Either you are Catholic or your not. That's why as true Catholics we have to live our values everyday not just on Sunday, but everyday in every way of life, no matter where we are or what we're doing.

And especially in these elections. We need a president in office that governs with those values.

Creative Minority Report has a post on a poll take to see how Catholic view president Obama and if they would vote him back into office. The results are not pretty.

51% of Catholics say they will vote Obama back into office.


Please, please, please remember before you you're Republican, Democratic, Independent, Green Party or Librarian that you are Catholic.

Vote that way.

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