Monday, January 23, 2012

Jesus vs. Religion

There is a youtube video circulating.

The jest of the video is a young man 'rapping' his thoughts on who he thinks Jesus is compared to what he thinks Religion is.

All in all it's very well done, in step with today's culture. He expounds on why he thinks Religion, according to his definition, is bad and one can only follow Jesus without it. Including some political swipes, think I've protrayed that fairly.

Anyway I found a counter to that video that I believes addresses come of the claims of the first video and corrects some of the errors.

I do like both video's the attempt to give his thoughts in such an artistic way, even though I have my disagreement with the message of the first video. I love the way the two video's complement each other. They try to communicate their ideas in a common way.

The Father doesn't quite hit that cultural note like the first video, but I love the attempt to find common ground and still not back away from debating the message

Take a look at both videos and let me know what you think.

Video No. 1

Video No. 2

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