Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All Romney New Hampshire - "I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore!"

Well I wasn't too surprised with the results after all New Hampshire is home for Romney, or at least his " Summer Home".

Now my Summer home is the same as my Winter home which is the same as my Spring and Fall home.This is the same for most of us who are managing to keep our homes. So much for feeling like Romney is in touch with me.

Liberal State you say? How so?
Well, look at tonights results:

1. Romney
2. Ron Paul
3 Huntsman

Does this reflect the nation? I think not.

So I'm sitting here, gathering my thoughts and sort of watching the movie 'Network' on TV, of all movies to watch on this election night.

I'm purposely staying away from the high paid analysis tonight... I'm not in the mood of hearing the various spinning going on, whether on the local networks, CBS, ABC, NBC or Cable, CNN, MSNBC, or Foxnews for that matter. Oh wait that's also what's happening in the movie I'm watching, network manipulation.


I love that seen when everyone is screaming this out of their windows.
Sometimez you just want news that's just 100% news not 95% opinion and maybe 5% news.
Well..... you know what I mean.

I'll come right out and say that West Coast Catholic is endorsing Santorum all the way. I'm not worried about the results tonight because New Hampshire is a Liberal State, its an Obama State, so is Iowa for that manner.
It's how they voted in 2008 and I don't think it will change.

So now we know who the Independents are rooting for. It's been claimed that the Independents will select the winner of this presidential election and I believe it. After all they voted Obama into office the last go around. I'm not picking on the Independents, Catholics also put their 'X' by "Hope and Change". The best that the Republican establishment could do in opposition was John McCain. Now I like McCain and I'm grateful for his service for this great country.

But McCain is a Moderate and so is Romney.. Not a big contrast between President Obama. Now a Republican Moderate in my book is not going to defeat Obama, not much of a contrast and that's what it's going to take to remove Obama out of office, someone who is a complete opposite. Not someone who is, well moderate.

What do you do when salt looses it's taste? You throw it out and trample it under foot.

What do you do with luke warm water in your mouth? You spit it out.

What do you do with a Moderate Candidate? You re-vote in what you already have.

That's what will happen if we don't get a clear cut different candidate than the present White House occupant.

That's why I'm for Santorum. Not a perfect individual but one that's not afraid to live his faith even in front of the camera, not just on Sunday. for an hour. I believe in his policies  strong Foreign Affairs, on economics and his stance of Catholic Social teachings in his entitlement reform and his staunch pro-life record. Again not perfect but trustworthy which is not what I see in the other candidates. Especially not Romney

I feel that Romney is going to be a pinata against Obama. Here's an article that will be on TV that will be the face of Romney's "Bain Capital" experience.

The Fired Bain Factory Employee  

There's going to be more of them...

Right now though the news pundants are ready to declare a National Republican  primary winner, I say it's far from over.
It's Santorum for my vote. Here's a couple more articles on Romney you might want to read before you align yourself with his camp.

Romney's baloney, pious and otherwise  

Beware the Myth of Inevitability   

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