Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catholic Celebrity Wahlberg - A Breath a Fresh Air

Now here's a pleasant surprise from a movie celebrity of all people. Not very often do you come across someone who is not afraid to proclaim his faith, on TV for that matter and really mean it.

Mark Wahlberg of the recent movie 'The Fighter' during an interview was asked about his faith helping him out of the streets and jail.

A breath of fresh air if you ask me. So many times you hear the claim of Catholicism followed by some outrageous support for Planned Parenthood, gay married or married priest.

Mr. Wahlberg when asked if he attended mass everyday, could have said yes or just allowed the television audience to believe he did, but instead corrected the statement with "...if not mass at least a daily visit, 10 or 15 minutes to pray.". A bit of honesty. No claims of visions or dreams of enlightenment, just a determination to pull himself out of a mislead life of selfishness and time in jail.

Very cool. Wish there was more celeb's like Mark.

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