Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of the Union, Re-Union

The third State of the Union speech in the administration of President Obama is now past us.

My first impressions, well the third sounded a lot like the second. More promises of more this and that, more protection from the making the wrong choices with the guidance of the government.

Bigger bureaucracy with two or three more committees and gov organizations.

All this equals MORE SPENDING more debit.

Mitch McDanials was gracious in his opening remarks of his rebuttal pointing out the words of praise the president rightfully gave our men and women in the armed forces. Obama welcoming them home from the war. He missed only one point there. Our honored veterans will be coming home to no jobs. There military units will be dissolved to pay for all the promises he would lay out in the reminder of his speech.

The president spoke of those of us struggling because of lost wages, foreclosed homes, debit and the like.

I remembered reading at lunch time today a chapter in  a book by Brian Benestad, Church, State, And Society - An introduction to Catholic Social Doctrine.

He was quoting JPII who said Catholic Social Doctrine is crystal -clear about the obligation toward the poor. Christians are obligated to have  "a love of preference for the poor" or a preferential option for the poor, which JPII defined as a "special form of primacy in the exercise of Christian charity." 

Benestad adds, This means much more than having the right opinion on welfare. A genuine love of the poor must include efforts to help people to get out and or stay out of poverty. Welfare is important as temporary measure for those on the road to self-support and as a permanent subsidy for people who cannot, for various legitimate reasons, obtain or hold a job. (pg336)

It just seemed to me that the presidents speech didn't bring me to believe that that would take place; help the poor get out and or stay out of poverty.

Here's Mitch McDaniels rebuttal.

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