Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Catholics Beware: Is Romney Really Pro-Life?

Today the mantra for all the Conservative news pundits is "Defeat Obama at all Cost!".
Unfortunately that includes throwing out little issues like Abortion, pro-life.

Yes, I agree the national debt is killing the nation but so is Abortion.

Don't worry, the front runner, Romney is pro-life.

That's what Mitt has said himself, and so why would anyone ever question that? How do we know what's really in his heart?

Okay, how about judging his actions... is that okay?

Read on: Mitt Romney Didn't Just Give Planned Parenthood Money, He gave them extra Power, in Massacuttets.

Ya know, this is what happened with Obama, the claim being "He's pro-life". "He'll reduce abortion". Come on fellow Catholics, let not go down that road again.

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