Friday, April 15, 2011

The Vortex Delima

I like to hear the views of Michael Voris on the Vortex and I agree with the majority of what he says, at times though I do think that he goes a little too far.

Having said that his recent episode on Easter Mass and Global Warning Earth Day has got some in a tissy.

Below are two takes on this episode.

Just so you know where I stand, I agree with the article from Creative Minority Report (article #1). I believe that Mark Shea has some good points but his overall judgement on Voris can be used to categorize some of his own commentary.

Anyway, judge for yourself.

First the Video:

This program is from

Article #1:

The Voris Kerfuffle

I am perplexed. Some of my blogging confreres are a in such a tizzy over the latest missive from the baron of bombast, the kaiser of choleric, Michael Voris. (Apologies to Bill Donohue)

Voris, about whom I am conflicted, did his daily soliloquy on the topic of a letter by Global Warming Inc. requesting that pastors devote the Easter Sunday homily to the topic of Earth Day.

Voris pointed out that global warming is a scam (check) by the forces of population control (check) to encourage people to contracept and abort their way to a greener planet (check).

Voris noted that all of this is in direct contradiction to the teaching of the Church. Check again. He goes on to say that Catholics should abandon a Church that promotes such anti-Christian nonsense for the simple reason that this Church is not Catholic in any meaningful way.

Article #2

If a Catholic star starts entertaining delusions that he is a bishop

as, for instance, Michael Voris apparently does, then you should give him a wide berth.

That includes me, by the way, if you are one of those deluded souls who thinks that some loudmouth like me with a gift of the gab is somehow more to be relied upon for delivering you the Catholic faith than Holy Mother Church. When I get mail from some deluded fan who imagines something that I wrote makes me a more reliable guide to the faith than the bishops, it makes me shudder. Because sooner or later, I know I will get another letter from somebody saying, "I used to believe in you, but then you let me down. I don't know if I'm Catholic anymore!" I'm tempted to say, "Yeah? Well, get used to it, cuz I ain't your personal Lord and savior. I'm not even a bishop, fercryinoutloud. Stop with the perpetual celebrity anointings and fanboyism and grow up into the Catholic faith."

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