Thursday, April 14, 2011

Innovation and Wisdom...but NO MONEY

A classic debate between Cavuto's conservative point of view and Rep Johnson's progessive point of view.

The progressive point of view; a lot of nice words like innovation, investment, wisdom, all subjective words that can mean anything and can mean nothing at all.

The conservative point of view; all those words are nice but how do you propose to pay for all that investment and innovation with NO MONEY!

The progressive point of view; old people will be living on the street. our kids won't have any education., we've got to create jobs with more investment.

The conservative point of view; NO MONEY! WE NEED TO GET OUT OF DEBT FIRST.

The progressive solution; finally the bottom line....RAISE TAXES! And a little name calling.....

The conservative point of view; you can't raise taxes enough to pay the debit down and pay for innovation because there's NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO DO IT. CUT THE DEFICIT FIRST.

Anyway... this video shows the stark comparison between the two.

Conservative vs Progressive Debate

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