Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Budget Mess - Shameful

This Budget Mess and the potential Gov. shutdown is just shameful.
Look, just cut the spending already...

No funding for Planned Parenthood, or NPR, nor Abortion funding ObamaCare.
Before Paul Ryan's 2012 budget released yesterday, the Liberal Establishment was telling us that what was needed was an adult conversation on the budget and entitlements. Now that they have got their adult conversation, they can't handle it.

Typos aside, this is shocking that the pro-abortion machine has become so desperate for real flesh-and-bone supporters and activists that they are willing to pay people to do what pro-lifers volunteer to do.
The fact that this group is called “Grassroots Campaigns” is quite ironic, considering they are in the business of paying people to “spontaneously” support their cause. In politics we have a word for paying people to fake real supporters: Astroturfing.

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