Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Ned Flander or A John the Baptist?

And the debate goes on. Can one be an 'in your face' type of Catholic or not.

I don't know, I believe there is a time and place, under certain circumstances that one has to be firm even aggressive (never rude).

The article carries on the debate of the aggressiveness of Michael Voris and Fr. Corapi.

Voris, Corapi, And The Ned Flanderification Of Catholic Commentary

If you are lucky, you may have missed the current debate rippling through the Catholic interwebs. Actually, it is a debate that comes up from time time to time, this time it just happens to involve video provocateur Michael Voris.

Voris contributes to the website RealCatholicTv.comHe produces several videos a week talking about issues related to faith, politics, and culture.  No big deal, lots of us speak or write about these subjects every day.  What makes Voris a hot topic of debate is mostly style and occasionally a little substance.

Having only watched a handful of Voris’ videos, I do not intend to debate the prudence or sagacity of all his remarks.  But I do want to talk about style.

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