Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Budget Deal - Winning or Losing?

Some would say that this is a winning deal.

I can't help but feeling the complete opposite. For one I think only 38 Billion is shameful and for second using the life issue as a bargaining chip is tragic.

Make No Mistake --- The Republicans Lost

I am sorry, but no matter how people try to spin it, the Republicans lost and so did life.

There are many people who I respect that view the deal cut by Republicans as a victory, a victory in the budget battle and a victory in the defense of life. They are wrong.
Let's get the budget stuff out of the way. The Republicans reduced the deficit by a measly 2%, meaning the at the government will still spend well more than a trillion more than it brings in with our already obscene taxes. That is like Michael Moore not eating the last cookie in 12 cartons of Oreos because he is dieting. It means nothing. 

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