Friday, March 27, 2009

Satan? Naaa, just a figment of your Imagination

It seems that notion, that "Satan is not real, that he is just a ideology that seems to cause evilness to come true, is a notion that is getting to be very popular today.

Some say if only we can stop believing in Satan that he will no longer exist. Some that belief in anything is a crutch to alleviate guilt we have in ourselves.

ABC's Nightline focused this passed Thursday's show to a debate on the subject. The panel consisted of a Pastor of a Christian church, and an ex-prostitute from Las Vegas. They defended the existence of Satan and his influence.

The other side of the debate, that there is no Satan or only a balance of opposing forces, cold and hot, up and down was defended by Deepak Chopra (Author and scientist) and Bishop Carlton Pearson, an ex-Pentecostal minister.

The only huge hole in the debate, was no one from the Catholic church. Personally I would have loved to have seen someone like Dinish D'Souza on the panel.

A very peculiar debate, very lacking in substance. Very touchy feely, and no one really from the Christian view point, with any worthy challenges to the opposing view.

Anyway, you can see the debate Here

This is the first installment

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