Sunday, March 22, 2009

Douglas Kmiec Being called on the Carpet...

Robert P. George is calling Doug Kmiec to task in an email debate: Is President Obama leaving the door open to 'Cloning', with this decision to fund Embryonic Stem Cell research?

Mr. George does think this, as I do. Just the fact President Obama has allowed government funded stem cell research on human embryos doesn't give me just cause to believe that 'Cloning' stemming from this research is out of the question. And further that President Obama would give the green light to such research later if certain scientist could pull him into their line of thinking.

Anyways, the email debate is mentioned in the article and can be found here: God & Country

Over the past few days, George and Kmiec have engaged in a rigorous E-mail debate on the nature of human cloning and other thorny issues surrounding embryonic stem cell research—like whether Catholics who use medical treatments developed from embryonic stem cell research are complicit in what the Roman Catholic Church calls the evil of embryo destruction. They've CC'd me on their E-mails back and forth.

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