Thursday, March 26, 2009

Catholics United - "Doesn't Speak for Me as a Catholic!"

And I specifically mean Mr. Chris Korzen. It seems that this pro-abortion funded group disguising itself under the name 'Catholic' is now being touted by the media as a legitimate voice of Catholics.

This is so far from the truth. Any orthodox Catholic who follows the teachings of the church, and her shepherd on earth, Pope Benedict XVI should NOT associate themselves with this group.

The name of the group should be changed to 'Dissenting Catholics United'. I think that would be more appropriate.

AmP has the story:

Front-group Catholics United slips into attacking Bishop D'Arcy (thanks AmP)

I have zero patience for Catholics United.

It's a front organization that abuses the name "Catholic" for anti-life interests, and is moreover funded by pro-abortion advocates like the billionaire George Soros,
as others have exposed.So I wasn't surprised to find out that their executive director Chris Korzen issued a press release today welcoming ND's decision to invite Obama.

It's not hard for Catholics United to think of ways to criticize orthodox Catholics of exploiting the faith for political ends ... because that's exactly what Korzen and company do. The difference is Korzen and co. (falsely and hypocritically) claim the other side is doing it.
So how do you prove which side is disingenuous? Simple enough: you wait for one side to slip.

And Korzen and co. just did.

Here's some of what he said:

As a Catholic, I am deeply disappointed by the knee-jerk opposition to Notre Dame’s decision to confer an honorary degree on President Obama and invite him to give the 2009 commencement address. President Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame will be nothing short of an honor for all Catholics.

Attacking Notre Dame is simply disingenuous and reflects a larger pattern of manipulation of the Catholic faith for political advantage.

Regrettably, the individuals leading the charge against Notre Dame are partisan operatives who routinely use a single-issue analysis to divorce the Catholic faith from its longstanding commitment to social justice and the sanctity of all human life.

By the way if you haven't yet signed the petition (157,900 signature so far) please do so HERE

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