Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ND - Kmiec debates Weigel

Catholics In the Public Square has the post and links. Very interesting.

One thing that's pointed out in the post and that I've noticed is how most people that defend President Obama seem to place a spin on what he actually believes in regard to abortion.

You can almost see them bending over backwards, playing with words to show he is not pro-choice.... which of course his actions more than prove (that he is pro-choice). You can see this in the arguments that Fr. Reese (see previous post) puts forth and you can see it in Doug Kmiec's arguments.

Doug Kmiec Debates George Weigel over Notre Dame

(also, h/t to InsightScoop)

Creative Minority Report as a reponse to Mr. Kmiec as well: Responding to Kmiec

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