Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"I am a Pro-Choice Catholic" - The Catechism Says So?

This article caught my eye yesterday.

I am a pro-choice Catholic to me is a contradiction of terms, however this article can be found on a leading Catholic Newspaper..confusing isn't it.

I am a prochoice Catholic by Kate Childs Graham

I wasn’t always a prochoice Catholic. During college I attended the annual March for Life on more than one occasion. The first time my friends and I traveled to the event from Indianapolis, Ind., was with a bus full of high school students -- most, seemingly, only going for the trip to Washington, D.C., with their friends, sans parental supervision. Needless to say, it was a noisy bus ride. After I transferred to Catholic University, I volunteered for the Mass for Life two years in a row -- helping to herd all of those high school students into every crevice of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Dr. Peters of 'In the Light of the Law' blog has the rebuttal.
Young Voices, old canards , and Canon 1369

... In any case, Graham presents a somewhat different profile from that of most other Catholics who are effectively lapsed in regard to Church moral teaching (even if they adhere to some of the social justice principles and/or liturgical practices). Graham claims to have been pro-life at one point and to have taken a small but active role in college pro-life activities, only to have later changed her opinion after extensive study and prayer.

Also, 'Te Deum laudamus!' blog takes action.
An Open Letter to U.S. Catholic Bishops...

I wish to express my greatest desires that you receive many graces during this Lenten season. I thank all of you for your service and dedication as successors to the apostles.I ran across something this morning that left me deeply troubled and would like to share my concern.

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