Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama: The Disarming of the Military of America

Anyone who is naive enough to thing this world would be at peace, only if America would disarm itself is crazy...

This world is full of bad guys that wouldn't hesitate to bring the USA to it's knees and submit to their agenda of world dominance under their rules, given a disarmed America.

To believe that if 'we just leave the bad guys alone, they will leave us alone' is a very fatal mentality.

Barney Frank just this week said, not hinted, the the agenda he and the rest of a majority Democratic party House and Senate, should reduce the military by 25%.

He is hopeful that by taking that money away from the military, the thought is to transfer that money's to the billions of dollars needed toward the proposals Mr. Obama has set forth.

Those that work in aerospace prepare for MASSIVE LAYOFFS, next year.

Maybe those laid off (engineers, assembly workers, scientist ect..) will find work on the new proposed infrastructure jobs the Obama's party have in store of us. Building road, repairing bridges, filling pot holes (new stimulus package).

This is no answer for building up the economy...

A disarmed America is a sitting duck for the bad guys.

This is straight from the candidates' mouth..

Halloween is not's just beginning.

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