Wednesday, November 05, 2008

'08 Elections Results: Money vs Life

Winner: MONEY

Mr. Obama will be the next President of the United States.

It looks like more people looked at their wallets and pocketbooks and felt that was a more important agenda. Money issues became the focus instead of Life issues.

The life of the unborn continues on it's deadly path.

[My thoughts below]

The concern of money is an important one in the functioning of a society. The transfer of goods and services through hard work and labor has always been the strong point in the American society. Work hard and one will achieve ones goals.

America has always been attractive to the world for this reason. "The land of opportunity" is one such saying to describe this God blessed nation.

However, with the election of Mr. Obama to the presidency (in my opinion) this 'work hard, achieve your goals' idea has taken a back seat to the new American idea of 'what can my government give to me today' mentality.

It use to be that if a man comes to you hungry and asks for food, you would feed him and teach him how to fish so that he could continue to feed himself and teach others to fish.

Now it seems that those that know how to fish will continue to fish for the masses, while the masses continue to feed. No fishing is required.

I think the reality of this false thinking will eventually be shown to be the society destroyer that it really is... eventually.

In the mean time, we have to continue to be faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ in his church. We must continue to rely on His Providence and remain active in the political arena to ensure the moral voice is heard.

The fight for LIFE is still our main agenda, no matter what set backs may appear to be on the horizon. The 4,000 daily deaths of the unborn is still very much unacceptable.

Continue to be the light in the world that Christ intended us to be and yes, pray for our new president and his administration.

WCC +<><

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