Thursday, November 06, 2008

California Proposition 8: Still In a Battle

The Battle of the Propositions had some surprising results from Nov. 4th.

Californians voted in a bullet train.

.... we don't need a bullet train much less can we pay for one... but it was voted in anyway.

Proposition 4 was defeated. Once again parents are left out of parenting.

The one Proposition that still seems to be in a battle, despite it's very successful passage is Prop. 8, No Gay Marriage.

My daughter, a resent college grad., has noticed in her group of college friends that the passage of this proposition has many still in heated debates. In fact rather hostile words and 'in your face' exchanges. Accusations of "intolerance" even "racist"are being leveled.

This is perplexing because I never considered those with a self proclaimed Gay life style a Race.


But the point is, this reaction to the elections and specifically Prop 8 in California is still being fought. San Francisco and Los Angeles, where I live are reporting preparations of legal challenges to overturn this measure.

This measure, under another ballot was once before overturned by the courts, despite a majority of voters up holding a marriage between a man and a woman.

No doubt the wheels are turning to do the same again.

LINK: iReport (protest videos & photos)

My 'YES on PROP 8' sign disappeared from my house as well as my from my neighbor's yard sometime yesterday.

Friends in the work place are a little more cautious but still very verbal.

Keep strong in your faith...


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  2. That was a public service announcement... now, back to our regularly scheduled post issue... the fallout of Yes on Prop 8: