Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great American Website

Gen. Schwarzkopf, a great American himself, is interviewed on this new website dedicated to revere those who served in the military.

A must visit website today.

On this Veterans Day, when America reveres those who have served in the military, retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf provides a glimpse into the source of the courage that inspires such service: “Confidence with character — that’s what you must have,” says the Army commander who led the way to victory in the 1991 Gulf War concludes.

Veterans Day is parades, the Tomb of the Unknowns, a flag-draped Main Street, children and old men with hands over their hearts, but a lot of the celebration is words – great words describing great courage and paying homage to present and past warriors, and sometimes even future military heroes.

When Schwarzkopf was fresh back from the Gulf War triumph, he was asked to speak to the cadet corps at West Point, his alma mater.

The hero whose demeanor earned him the label “Stormin’ Norman” was brimming with pride in the caliber of America’s armed forces when he boomed forth to the ranks of the young men and women of the United States Military Academy: “It takes a war to demonstrate that we have these people in our ranks — and our ranks are loaded with them. They are loaded with them, and you are going to be one of them when you join our ranks. And if there is any doubt in anybody’s mind or was any doubt in anybody’s mind, there sure in hell isn’t any doubt now — because it has taken us 100 hours to kick the ass of the fourth-largest army in the world!”
Schwarzkopf had the young cadets in the palm of his hand by the time he his final points reverberated across the assembly: “If you leave here with the word DUTY implanted in your mind; if you leave here with the word HONOR carved in your soul; if you leave here with love of COUNTRY stamped on your heart, then you will be a 21st-century leader worthy of the great privilege and honor of leading the sons and daughters of America . . .”

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