Thursday, December 28, 2006

West Coast Walk for Life - 2007

Wow, Here's an event that falls in line with my last post on the 'Holy Innocents'. Something we West Coasties can start out the new year with.

The West Coast Walk for Life 2007 (thanks insidescoop )


Our purpose is to establish a new West Coast tradition of celebrating life.

We call for solidarity among women and all people of good will in affirming human life.

Our mission is to change the perceptions of a society that thinks abortion is an answer.

Abortion does violence to women and to their children, both physically and emotionally.

It harms women and men; it divides families and society.

Women--and all people--deserve better than abortion.

Our mission in establishing the Walk for Life West Coast is to shed light on all issues of life, but particularly to change hearts hurt by the violence of abortion. Life is the best and only good choice!


On January 20, 2007, to be a vocal and visual message that people of the West Coast stand for life.

Reach out to women harmed by abortion.

Inform society of the damage done to women by abortion. Join us as we walk along San Francisco's waterfront, a great example of natural and manmade beauty, as we demonstrate for that most beautiful gift--life!

We call upon all people of good will to join us!

Visit their website for details San Francisco to boot!

Mark your Calendars for January 20, 2007

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