Sunday, December 10, 2006

Catholic Podcasts

I don't know how much podcasting is a part of peoples lives. Sometimes I hear/read that it's on the rise and sometimes I hear/read that it's going nowhere.

I rather like it myself, and I have a few of my favorites posted on this site. My iPod is full of music of course, but it's also chalked full of books on tape, purchased from places like It's also full of tapes and CD's series form outstanding Catholic Apologists and debates. I have some good bible studies on the New and Old Testaments.

Because my time (as I'm sure is like most people) is very limited, and though I love reading ( I usually have at least three books, going...which take me forever to read) finding reading time can be scarce. That's where my iPod (a gift from my wife) comes in handy.

I also try to keep up with a few of my favorite podcasts. One of these is created by Father Roderick of; He broadcasts from the Netherlands. You can also find him on his original podcast the Catholic Insider.

There are a few Catholic Podcasts on this site and all are pretty good. My favorite is the " The Daily Breakfast with Fr. Roderick". It's about a 30 to 40 minute show. It starts with an song selection from a webfree, podsafe online source and quickly goes on to highlight maybe an "In the news" topic, a "Sound tour" of a trip to Rome or such. It's very light hearted and kind of refreshing and fun.

The show is geared toward listeners of all ages and faiths. It's not heavy on Church doctrine though it does have a segment which highlights a particular Catholic teaching that an emailer has asked about or one Father has selected as a point of interest.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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