Thursday, December 21, 2006

Guarding Angel...

A skydiver who had both parachutes fail during a 15,000 ft (4,000m) jump was spared death by the prickly branches of a blackberry bush.
Michael Holmes, 25, from Jersey, went into a spin when his main parachute became tangled during a two mile drop over Taupo, in New Zealand.

Repeat after me:

Angel of God, my Guardian dear,To whom God's love commits me here,Ever this day be at my sideTo light and guard, to rule and guide.
At the end of this story is a short list of "Lucky Escapes", although I don't think Luck had anything to do with it.
Lucky escapes
* Flight Sergeant Nicholas Alkemade survived a fall estimated to have been 18,000ft during the Second World War by landing in a heavy snowdrift. He had leapt from a blazing Lancaster bomber

* In 1972 Vesna Vulovic, a Yugoslav air stewardess, fell 10,160 metres (33,000ft) without a parachute, and lived after a DC9 passenger jet blew up over the former Czechoslovakia. She landed in woodland

* In 1993 New Zealander Klint Freemantle, 22, plunged 3,000 feet into a 3ft-deep duck pond. He emerged almost without a scratch

* The French parachutist Didier Dahran survived after being sucked into a cyclone that sent him spinning up to 25,000ft in 1993. He was in the air for two hours

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