Thursday, December 07, 2006

A day in California....

Ahhhh....Southern California; the freeways, the sun shine, the freeways, the ocean and mountains....did I mention the freeways?

I travel a hundred miles everyday, to and from work. Including what ever else I use my car for, I putting on maybe 25 to 30 thousand a year milage.

Woow baby...

You know us California drivers don't think twice about zipping up to Santa Barbara one weekend, and I've often said to the wife, " Let's have dinner... in San Diego this Saturday", which is about 3 hours away. Two hours if I play the odds with the CHP (California Highway Patrol)

Anyway, the odds finally caught up to me yesterday morning on my way to work. At 5:30am believe it or not there is quite a bit of traffic on the roads. I think I read somewhere that most accidents happen closest to home. Well I believe this now.

I had a "fender bender" right in the middle of the second decade of the Glorious Mysteries. Well, my day went down hill from there but I managed to get thru it and back home in one piece. I called the dreaded insurance company and my car is in the repair shop this morning.

The other shoe just dropped a few minutes ago. I just got off the phone with the insurance agent, who informed me that this accident will be consider MY FAULT and the my RATES may be ADJUSTED.

(This is not my car...)

I hate that term "..MAY BE ADJUSTED". I sounds like something so positive or advantageous. Why don't they just say "YOUR RATES ARE GOING UP!" I haven't been in an accident in about 10 years, and that one wasn't my fault.

I thought about "ADJUSTING" my story to the agent about how I saw the accident happening...But that wouldn't be very Christ emulating.

I have a polygraph test I take every 5 years for a security clearance I have at work. I compare this to confession...without the graces. Three hours later the security agent told me I pasted the test...and that I was being too honest during the questioning.

Isn't that what we're suppose to be? Honest?

Side Note: (For those of you who are familiar with the Movie "The Falcon and the Snowman" with Timothy Hutton...well let's just say a work in that same building.

Boy do I need cheering up. I thought I'd say a Rosary during lunch time and check a few of my favorite blogs.

When, what do you know, Michael & Katerina over at Evangelical Catholicism gave me a kind mention.

Thanks guys that really made my day.

Thank you Jesus for all your daliy graces and blessings. I am trully grateful.

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