Friday, December 29, 2006

The Rocky Movie

I’ve just seen the new ‘Rocky Balboa’( movie last night. Now I’m not a big Sylvester Stallone fan, though I do like his first, First Blood’ movie as well as his first, ‘Rocky’ movie. The rest of his sequels don’t, in my opinion, earn a rental fee from me.

I’ve been hearing a lot about this new Rocky movie, both from friends and movie reviews online. Surprisingly they have been rather positive. So I had to go see for myself.

The wife and I skeptically purchased our tickets and found a nicely located stadium seat. These new theaters are all high tech, with great sound systems and “rocking chair” stadium seats, but I still miss the old style theaters with red velvet seats, balcony seating, and curtains that would draw open at the start of the first of the double features. These don’t exist anymore. The old Egyptian Theater in Hollywood as well as the Chinese Theater use to have them although I’m not sure they do now a days.

Anyways, about the Rocky movie. I was rather pleased!

It’s message of “you have to take what life gives and be able to pick yourself up and keep on going” was opposite to what society seems to be saying today. At one point in the movie, Rocky is having a conversation with his son, who doesn’t seem to have the ‘guts’ that his famous father has. Rocky tells him that ‘life is not kind at times and it can be challenging’ (obviously, Rocky’s dialogue is much more colorful and, well only Rocky can make it work). He tells his son to quite blaming others for his life challenges and to move forward. In Catholic terms, ‘Carry your crosses, trust in God and follow his plan in life for you, wherever it my leads’.

I’m not going to spoil the movie, but yes it does have the final fight sequence. It won’t win any academy awards, but it’s a good movie that goes back to its roots in the original Rocky movie.

A must see movie…Yeeeeeo Adrian!

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