Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holocaust Conference

I came home yesterday evening to my son watching one of his favorite movies “The Pianist” with Adrien Brody and Thomas Kretschmannn which won Best Actor and Best Screenplay.

The heart ache and struggles of the leading character clarifies the horrors of this moment in history. One that makes most everyone ask to themselves “ Why…how could this happen?”

I say most because evidently there are those today that would state “Never happened….it’s a myth!” As I’m sure many have heard/read, Iran just hosted a conference that questions if this event ever happened at all. 6 million Jews and millions of Catholics and Nazi resisters perished . We can’t forget the countless soldiers lost in WWII, fighting this madness as well.

The Vatican today weighed in on Iran’s conference for Holocaust deniers.
I really want to know who would attend such a conference. I think their names should be listed in every newspaper and on as many websites. The TV and Cable news mentioned the story, but I don’t remember anyone listing the attendee’s names? It seems the news of this just came and went…

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