Thursday, December 07, 2006

Illuminated Manuscript

The J. P. Getty Museum in Los Angeles is a spectacular place to visit. The grounds alone, with it's gardens, the majestic Archetecture

and of course it's valuble treasure of art makes this place a must see, if you visit So. Calif. .

Presently, there is an exhibition now showing through January 7, 2007 that I plan to visit shortly. It's entitled "The Gospels in Medieval Manuscript Illumination"

I'm really looking forward to viewing some of these manuscripts. This made an impression on me the last time I visited. It makes one appreciate the efforts of the early Monks and scribes who preserved the Bible over the centuries before the advent of the press.
I'll report back on what I see...


  1. Anonymous10:55 PM

    hello. i saw that the evangelical catholicism folk blogged you and was pleased to see another fellow southern californian. i haven't been to the getty in such a long time but i can't wait to see this exhibit later this month.


  2. If you get a chance, try visiting the Getty Villa in Malibu.

    That place has a Roman excavation site theme.

    The tour was awesome...