Thursday, December 10, 2009

St Thomas Aquinas was for Abortion?

You know, I hate it when individuals quote truely Catholic Philosophers, doctors and teachers of the church and turn their teachings 180 degress around.

Case in point Mr.Sam R. Sperry who served as an editor at the Seattle P-I and on the Washington State Catholic Conference Board. He is a lifelong Catholic educated here in Catholic schools.

Carl Olsen analysis:

A latte lies from a cafeteria Catholic

When a Catholic education and $3.75 gets you a latte and this sort of nonsense, you might want to ask yourself: "Does the guy behind the coffee bar know more about Catholic doctrine and moral theology than I do?" Chances are, he does. Chances are, for example, he knows this is pure rot:
THE American Roman Catholic Bishops stubborn insistence on scaling back women's abortion rights in pending health-care-reform legislation demonstrates their willingness to "toss off the bridge" millions of people who would benefit.

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