Sunday, December 20, 2009

Copenhagen Conference: Disaster in Review

Copenhagen, what a disaster.

There, we had one of the leading G.W. scientist state that Al Gore misinterpreted his data.

You had the email scandal which exposed G.W. scientist hiding data, misrepresenting data, and dare I say, .... making up data to support their agenda.

There were certain countries which said they were not aboard the G.W. train unless they were given MORE MONEY. BILLIONS MORE.

And some countries which said they were just not going to cooperate at all. That everyone else should expect themselves. I don't want to name names but they have the same initials as CHINA and INDIA.

So what's this conference all about? Where do they go from here?

And probably more important, why are we continuing with this sham.

Below is a 6 part interview with two individuals that can shed some light of truth on this whole matter. John Bolton and Lord Christopher Monckton.

Here's the first three parts.




The last three parts are in the next post.

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