Monday, December 21, 2009

Health Care Bill: Test Vote 60-40

The H.C. bill was test voted in the wee early hours of the morning, 1:00am.

You warn your young adult children not to be out late because of the dangers that lurk at night.

Well now we have to include late night votes in our Capital as apart of those dangers.

Away from the eyes of the public, as the nation sleeps the dirty deed was done.

How many votes were bought?

"Hey, it's all part of the process" is what the majority at the Capital say.

Something is terribly wrong..... and it needs fixing.

Obama Calls Test Vote on Senate Health Bill a 'Big Victory'

President Obama on Monday hailed a successful test vote on health care reform in the Senate hours earlier as a "big victory for the American people," claiming the package making its way toward a Christmas Eve vote will save the country from crippling health care costs.

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