Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pope Pius XII - Some Protest

I'm so happy that Pope Pius XII was elevated to 'Venerable' and is well on his way to sainthood.

This is more than ample evidence that points to the good pope's efforts during WWII to save as many Jew as possible.

To those critics that still don't believe in these efforts, well .... oh well. No amount of evidence will persuade them.

The facts are there for all to see.

Pius XII’s New Status Draws Criticism and Praise

Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to proclaim Pope Pius XII as “venerable” surprised and delighted many who have been campaigning to clear the wartime Pope’s name, but provoked predictable protests among some Jewish leaders.

Although an increasing number of Jewish and Catholic historians say there is plenty of well-documented evidence to suggest Pius was one of the Second World War’s greatest heroes, critics still accuse him of being “silent” and doing nothing to save Jews during the war.


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