Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Reformation Project - Ignatius Press

I love reading about history, especially church history,

I'm reading a book by James Reston entitled 'Defenders of the the Faith'. It's centered around the time period between 1520-1536.

The battle of Vienna between The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and the Muslim leader Suleyman the Magnificent. This battle is a pivotal battle that would determine if Europe would become Muslim or remain Christian.

During this time France battled the Holy Roman Empire and there was a little event lead by the infamous monk by the name of Martin Luther.

The book is written with a very anti-Catholic stance. Using such words and phases like "barbarian pope Adrian" , "fanatic monks of St. John". All long describing the Muslim leader in all his glory with just a passing mentions of his Christian slaves and murderous ways.

This is not history at all, especially when the author promises to be objective. Far from it.

How does a Catholic counter these charges?

What are we to say when baseless accusations are quoted at gatherings to state Martin Luther's inaccurate positions of the Catholic Church?

Well, Father Mitch Pacwa has a new project that will shed some 'truth' on the false rewriting of history today.

LINK: The Reformation Project

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